Type Cost/Month Cost/Year Cost/5 Years
MG-5000 $3-5 $36-60 $180-300
Professional Service $39-69 $468-828 $2,340-4,140

Calculation are based on weekly sharpening of six chefs’ knives, three boning knives, and four slicers. Commercial knife sharpening costs are based on a 2003 survey.

A one-time investment in Master Grade commercial knife sharpeners saves users hundreds of dollars in the first year alone, and thousands over the next 5 years.

Our patented knife sharpeners are the #1 sellers in England, Germany, China, Taiwan, and Japan!

A Sizzler restaurant in Sparks, Nevada with a seating capacity of 325, had eight kitchen knives that monthly required sharpening. They were using a commercial knife sharpener service that was costing them

$40.00/month, or $5.00 per knife. The costs of sharpening 8 knives every month were adding up, and they were spending $480 each year to sharpen their kitchen knives.

Based on use, their knives would often lose their edge before the end of the month—sometimes even during the 1st week, But in order to get the discount bulk sharpening price, they waited the month out.

They’d tried several commercial knife sharpeners on the market to save them ongoing monthly costs, but weren’t pleased with the results.

They decided to try our MG-5000 Commercial Electric Knife Sharpener., they were sold.

Master Grade enabled them to sharpen their knives anytime of the month, at no additional cost. The owners were excited by what they were saving—but even more by the results. The fresher, cleaner cuts and satisfied customers, made for a happy restaurant owner. In just a year, Master Grade saved the franchise $464.64, and $2,323.20 over the course of 5.

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Benefits of sharpening knives with an MG-5000 Master Grade Electric Knife Sharpener:
  • Consistently sharp knives helps retain moisture in food for improved taste and visual appeal
  • Consistently sharp knives result in less injuries in the kitchen dull knives are dangerous.
  • At-home MG-5000 knife sharpeners save you time and money.
  • At-home MG-5000 knife sharpeners will put more profit in your pocket, where it belongs.
Disadvantages of commercial knife sharpening services:
  • Higher cost per knife.
  • Wait time and delays.
  • Sharpener type determines timeframe for sharpening.
  • Low- quality knives are offered in an exchange-based sharpening business.
  • No consideration for type, size, shape and weight of individual knives.
  • Requires personal time and fuel for drop off and pick up.