When Master Grade realized that no electric knife sharpener on the market came close to meeting the strict requirements set by the food prep industry, we were determined to develop the finest sharpener available. We introduced our first knife in 1994, and it’s been highly regarded and lauded ever since, finding its way to top businesses and into the hands of renown chefs, like Martin Yan. Master Grade knives have been designed by skilled craftsmen to minimize prep time and obtain razor sharp results by professionals and novices alike. Precision guides ensure that your knife will be sharpened at the proper angle. Equipped with three sharpening wheels, the first two (coarse and medium) provide the initial sharpening, while the fine wheel completes the process for a superbly polished edge.

Our knives are manufactured with the finest materials available. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated through our years of popularity in top-tier businesses. We guarantee you won’t find a better electric knife sharpener on the market. Our sharpeners reflect our strict quality standards, at a surprisingly affordable price.

Following the success of our commercial knife sharpener, our company developed its first noncommercial sharpener. We spent seven years on research and development and worked with chef Martin Yan during the trial and production stages to approach it with the same painstaking care we used in manufacturing our original commercial sharpener. In 2005, we introduced the Premium Knife Sharpener for home and light industrial use.

In 2007 we added a new model Commercial DC Electric Knife Sharpener for outdoor use. This is the only DC powered electric knife sharpener designed specifically for hunters, caterers, campers and outdoor users.

Do you love your ceramic knives? Click here to find out more about our new Premium Diamond Sharpening Wheel to keep those ceramic knives in excellent cutting condition.

If you’re looking for a top-quality commercial knife sharpener, your search is over. Master Grade is the best on the market. You have our word on it. Please contact us with any questions or for more information about our products.

Email us at info@mastergradeknifesharpener.

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