Flexible sharpening for a cleaner cut
Our Commercial Electric Knife Sharpeners will revolutionize the way you sharpen your knives.

“REVOLUTIONIZE” the way to sharpen your knives!
Master Grade Commercial Knife Sharpeners offer a breakthrough amongst the hard grinding wheels of conventional knife sharpeners. We use the latest technology to develop unique “soft touch” sharpening wheels for flexibility that moves with your knives. This sharpener edges out the competition by achieving a razor sharp edge in just a few passes.

* Protect knife integrity

Hard grinding wheels are designed to grind a rough object down—not to sharpen it. The vibration and force needed for hard grinding wheels in conventional electric knife sharpeners inflict damage to your knife’s blade. Hard grinding wheels are resistant to natural movements, and the force of the sharpener can damage even the toughest blade over time. A nick here and a dent there means everything when it comes to safety and food preparation.

* Prevent personal injury

A dull knife, and unsteady sharpening tool, can be dangerous. The flexible sharpening wheel absorbs vibrations and sharpens your knife at every angle—for a razor sharp edge in seconds. That means a cleaner, smoother cut that requires less pressure and minimizes risk of personal injury.

* Easy to use

whymgisbetterOur Master Grade Commercial Knife Sharpener is easy to use, just like counting 1, 2, 3. Just pass your knife left and right alternately through the cleft of the Master Grade Commercial Knife Sharpener and you will get a razor sharp knife in just a few seconds! Dry application, no oil or water needed. A CN-5000 is an attachment to adjust the angle of your thinner blades to a 15° angle. Our Master Grade Commercial Knife Sharpener won’t wear down your cutlery, but keeps it sharp and ready to cut at a moment’s notice.

* Convenient

Our Master Grade Commercial Knife Sharpener are portable and light. You can sharpen knives yourself with professional results in a matter of seconds instead of waiting weeks or a month for the professionals to do it for you.

*Cost Effective

Our Master Grade Commercial Knife Sharpeners consistently edge out leading competitors on performance and price. Whether shopping for commercial knife sharpeners, or diamond hone replacement wheels, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best deal.

Our Professional Grade Home Model Multi-Stage Electric Knife Sharpenerss have

Patented angle guides to sharpen knife blades up to 1/4″ width and 1/8″ high for clean, easy re-surfacing. Other brands can only sharpen the blades up to 1/6″ high.

Master Grade’s sharpening wheels restore your blade’s edge to the desired 15 degree bevel. Since it only sharpens the part of the blade that makes contact with the wheels, rather than the whole surface, it extends the life of your knives by 10 times.!